River Cruises From Porto

When cruising to Porto, Portugal expect a little bit of everything from ancient monuments and architecture to beautiful green landscapes. Porto has many different things to offer including history, art, wine, music and some fantastic food. The perfect mix of green landscaping and blue seaside makes for a picturesque cruise to Porto, Portugal. The restaurants found in this area boast some great cuisine that almost always includes some type of fresh fish, meat and beautiful seafood pairings. Medieval and baroque designs and architecture give this city its ancient charm while the riverside walkway, green open spaces and beaches appeal to the more modern tastes. Below, we have listed a few of our favorite things to do when cruising to Porto, Portugal:
  • Take a picnic to the Parque da Cidade, a beautiful park that leads all the way to the beaches.
  • Shop in the boutiques, shops and malls that display a little bit of everything so you are sure to find either something contemporary or more cultural to the area.
  • Relax along the sandy beaches or even take a walk along the parks and gardens that surround the area.
  • Explore the historic part of the city where you will find ancient architecture and monuments that show a little more about the area’s past.