River Cruises From Bucharest

Bucharest has been undergoing a period of rebirth since its 1989 revolution that brought down the repressive communist regime of Nicolae Ceaucescu. The scars of the past are beginning to disappear as new modern buildings are being built. Now is the perfect time to visit Romania’s “Little Paris” and experience its beautiful buildings before the secret is out. Contact one of our cruise experts for help planning your cruise to Bucharest, Romania. Featured below are a few of our favorite experiences for the cruise port of Bucharest:
  • Explore the massive Parliament Palace that Ceaucescu called home. The 12-story building is made with marble throughout and every decoration inside is 100% made in Romania. 
  • Tour the Village Museum, a 300-building open air museum showing traditional life for centuries of Romanians. 
  • Attend a concert at the Romanian Athenaeum and take a look at the frescos in the hallway that feature historic moments in Romanian history. 
  • Like Paris’ Arch de Trioumph, Romania has a Triumphal Arch to commemorate the country’s reunification in 1918.