River Cruises From Berlin

Berlin is back and better than ever. The capital of Germany has reinvented itself and emerged from a period of great strife to become a city with a thriving art scene and a diverse population. In fact, the city has 600 galleries, 175 museums, five symphonies and three opera houses. That’s nearly one museum for every two square miles. Despite the move into a peaceful and wonderful chapter, Berlin does not cover up its past, and instead uses spots like Checkpoint Charlie and the Brandenburg Gate as stark reminders of the city’s history. Featured below are a few of our favorite experiences for the cruise port of Berlin, Germany:
  • Take a trip to Museuminsel, or Museum Island, where you’ll find the acclaimed Pergamon Museum with ancient Greek, Middle Eastern and Islamic art, the Alte Nationalgalerie, home to many German paintings and the Nues Museum with artifacts from ancient Egypt and prehistoric cultures. 
  • Try currywurst, the region’s unofficial favorite dish which combines pork sausage with curry powder and ketchup, served on a roll. 
  • Tour the Bundestag (or Reichstag Building) with its amazing glass dome. It is the home of the German Parliament. 
  • Attend a performance by the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra at the Berliner Philharomine. This is a world renowned orchestra that plays in a beautiful building. 
  • If you’re looking for a party, Berlin is your city. The city’s nightlife is legendary and you can find a bar or a club where DJs play music through the night.