River Cruises From Bergen

Located in the western part of Norway, Bergen is a city filled with life. The city itself is surrounded by mountains, fjords and glaciers. Exploring these towering natural structures is the most popular of attractions in the city. However, historically Bergen has held a special place in Norway’s history as the first capital and a trading post for Hanseatic merchants. The remnants and history of these periods are preserved and represented in museums throughout the city.Featured below are a few of our favorite experiences for the cruise port of Bergen, Norway:


  • Visit the Bergenhus Fortress which is comprised of several buildings, the oldest of which were built in the 13th century.
  • Take a funicular ride up Mount Floyen, the city’s most central peak, for an incredible birds-eye view of the city and its fjords.
  • Head to Bryggen, a town with colorful wooden houses that are meant to be replicas of what this area looked like during medieval times up until 1750.
  • Experience the city’s fjords, which are narrow inlets of water between cliffs that were formed by glacial erosion.