Cruises From Montevideo

The cruise port of Montevideo, Uruguay is a multifaceted destination with a vibrant culture, and a well-known hub for technological advancement. As the capital city of Uruguay, Montevideo holds the seat as the administrative center of Mercosur and ALADI of Latin America. Over the last decade, it has been rated among the world’s best cities as it relates to quality of life, and proudly stands as the first city to host the first FIFA World Cup. As you venture out into the capital city from the cruise port of Montevideo, stop by these places of interest to enlightening yourself on the rich Uruguayan heritage:
  • Get a great view of the city as you stroll down the Rambla of Montevideo. It stretches down the coastline of the city, and acts as the perfect starting point to exploring all that Montevideo has to offer. If you’re up for it, go fishing, sunbathing, running or jogging. But the best way to enjoy the stunning view is to go biking!
  • Expand your knowledge of Uruguayan history and the challenging road to independence as you head down to Plaza Independencia. This is a very important historic site as it holds the ashes of Jose Gervasio Artigas, a celebrated hero who was at the forefront of the battle for independence against Spain.
  • Right on the edge of the Independence Square is Solis Theatre, Uruguay’s oldest theatre. It’s a well-preserved tourist attraction that brings to life the antiquated form of architecture, full of elegance and splendor.