Cruises From Manta (Quito)

Manta, Ecuador is a well- preserved historical site in the capital of Quito, Ecuador. The cruise port of Manta can boast of the Galapagos Islands to its west, and the Andes to its east. In the city lies 16th and 17th century Baroque architecture, including convents, churches and the first major religious structure built in the New World- Church of San Francisco. Tuna fishing takes precedence as the most thriving economic activity in the cruise port of Manta, Ecuador. As you explore the old and new world on your cruise to Manta, Ecuador, don’t forget to create lasting memories by checking out these places:
  • Experience the division between the Northern and Southern hemispheres with one foot in each hemisphere during your visit to the Equatorial Monument.
  • Make your way down to Otavalo- the most famous Indian Fair in South America. There, you will encounter the great talent of the Otavalenos as they weave bags, ponchos, shawls, blankets, and sweaters using the back strap weaving technique