Cruises from Muscat

For centuries the harbor city of Oman has been coveted by conquerors, now travelers covet cruises to Oman. The harbor, which is essentially a horseshoe shape, is protected from strong winds by mountains. Located on the Persian Gulf, Muscat is the most populous city and the capital of Oman. This hot and humid city offers a regal sense, as most buildings are white and most have features like domes and arabesque windows. Muscat has gone through its ups and downs, but at this time is prospering with trade as the country’s major industry. Cruise to Muscat and see this revitalized city for yourself.
  • Visit the third largest mosque in the world, the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, where you can see a beautiful Swarovski crystal chandelier and the second largest hand made Persian carpet in the world. 
  • Smell sweet when you visit the Amouage perfume factory. 
  • Visit the Mutrah Souk, a market where you can haggle for clothes, spices and earthenware. 
  • Learn about the history of Oman with a visit to the National Museum of Oman where you’ll see jewelry from past rulers and a letter written by the prophet Muhammad.