Cruises from Haifa

Haifa, Israel is a traditional and contemporary city that overlooks the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. To the east of the city, you will find the snow-capped Mount Hermon offering amazing views. Haifa is Israel’s third largest city and is now known for its unique blending of cultures and traditions. When on your cruise to Haifa, Israel, you will admire many ancient temples, beautiful churches and mosques, gorgeous hotels, contemporary shopping malls and picturesque sandy beaches. Its rich diversity is also reflected in the area’s food specialties. Regional cuisine includes lamb, gefilte, falafel, hummus, tahini and shiska. Here are a few of our favorite things to do while cruising to Haifa, Israel:
  • Hike along the slopes of the historic Mount Carmel that is bountiful with oaks, pines and flowers for a breath of fresh air and scenic views.
  • Relax on the Meridian Beach and enjoy the sunshine along the Mediterranean Sea when on your Haifa cruise.
  • Sample some of the area’s specialties like gefilte (white fish), falafel (deep-fried balls of mashed chickpeas), hummus (ground seasoned chickpeas) and shiska (charcoal grilled meat on a skewer).
  • The Baha’I Shrine and Gardens is one of the most visited attractions in the area, due to its gorgeous stone sculptures and cypress trees in a beautifully planned geometric design.
  • Visit the Haifa Museum where you will see exhibitions of Israeli contemporary artists and always changing exhibitions of various themes.