Cruises From Piraeus (Athens)

Piraeus is the port cruise ships use to access Athens, the city that is considered the cradle of Western Civilization. Athens is credited with the creation of the modern democracy. During the 5th century, Athenian residents had freedom of speech, and the government had organized social welfare programs. This peaceful time spurred great achievements in philosophy by Socrates, medicine by Hippocrates and history by Herodotus. Today, Athens holds onto the accomplishments of its past, but continues to modernize and make the city a more approachable city to cruisers. With an improved public transportation system and 10 miles of streets designated for pedestrians only, there has never been a better time to cruise to Athens and enjoy the city’s past.  Featured below are a few of our favorite experiences for the cruise port of Athens, Greece:

  • The National Archaeological Museum is a must-see spot for anyone interested in the roots of Athens and ancient civilizations. Here you’ll find artifacts from the Mycenaean period and Cycladic period, along with Egyptian art and frescoes and vases from Santorini.
  • The Acropolis is a must when cruising to Athens. The Acropolis is also home to the Parthenon, and its famous columns, and the Temple of Athena Nike.
  • Greek food is popular world over, but in Athens you can experience the real deal. Products like Greek yogurt, feta cheese and Kalamata olives all have Greek origins. Try Souvlaki, which is grilled meat with tzatziki on a pita. This dish is often served at restaurants and stands within the city.
  • Explore the Kanellopoulos Museum which has jewelry, weapons and other artifacts from ancient Greek history. The collection is all housed in a mansion built in 1884.
  • Take a ride on the funicular in Kolonaki for a trip up Lycavittos Hill for stunning views of Athens. If you wish, you can hike up the hill, but be sure to stay hydrated – especially if you visit this hot city in the summer.