Cruises From Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo is the most popular city in the tiny principality of Monaco which is surrounded by France and the Mediterranean. Monaco and Monte Carlo are both considered a playground for the rich, most famous for its grand Monte Carlo Casino. The casino was actually built as a way to keep the royal Grimaldi family out of bankruptcy, and for many years the casino was a large source of funding for the nation, which collects no personal income taxes.  The country is a constitutional monarchy and its royal glamour was perhaps best emulated in their former princess, American movie star Grace Kelly. See Monaco’s beauty in person on a cruise to Monte Carlo. Featured below are a few of our favorite experiences for the cruise port of Monte Carlo, Monaco:


  • If you happen to cruise to Monte Carlo during the Monaco Grand Prix, you won’t want to miss this most exalted of all Formula One races.
  • Be stunned at the stained glass, paintings and sculptures at the Grand Casino. Just a heads up, men must wear coats, sneakers are forbidden and you must show your passport to enter.
  • You’ve never been to an aquarium quite like Monaco’s Oceanographic Museum, which not only includes more than 90 tanks, but has paintings and drawings with a maritime theme. The museum also houses specimens from Price Albert I’s expeditions during the turn of the century.
  • Visit the 13th century Palais du Prince where inside you can explore a collection of Napoleon’s personal possessions and outside you can watch the pomp and circumstance of the changing of the guard.
  • Explore the Grottes de l’Observatoir, a prehistoric cave with stalactites and stalagmites where the temperature actually rises as you descend.