Cruises From Genoa

Genoa is a marvelously hilly city in Northern Italy that is oftentimes overlooked for its more glamorous neighbors, Rome and Venice. However, Genoa, which was once the most important port along the Mediterranean, is one of Europe’s most intact old cities. Genoa, along with nearby Portofino, are perfect cruise destinations to see the some of Italy's best art and architecture. It is also a place that has influenced America in a roundabout way, for Genoa was the birthplace of Christopher Columbus, the explorer who brought Europe’s attention to the New World. It is also where we get the word for “jeans.” Genoa produced cotton corduroy that was popular and weavers in Nimes, France tried to reproduce it, but wound up with a twill fabric. This is where we derive the word “denim” from de Nimes, but blue jeans still honor the original fabric produced in Genoa. Explore this marvelous Italian gem on your own cruise to Genoa, Italy, or nearby Portofino. Featured below are a few of our favorite experiences for the cruise port of Genoa, Italy:


  • Check out the art collection at the striking Palazzo Bianco, built by the Grimaldi family. You’ll view incredible art on the walls, and make sure to go to the terrace for 360-degree views of Genoa.
  • Stroll through the caruggi (alleyways) of the old city where you’ll find historic buildings dating back to medieval times and wander into a popular plaza.
  • Genoa is home to Europe’s biggest aquarium, the Aquarium of Genoa. The building is shaped like a ship and has a replica of the Red Sea’s coral reefs.
  • When you go out to eat, order a pizza or pasta dish that uses pesto. This delicious sauce comes from Genoa.