Cruises from Apra

Guam is the largest island in Micronesia, nearly midway between Australia and China. In total the island is 209 square miles, roughly three times the size of the Washington, DC. This U.S. territory is very Americanized with the military base taking up much of the northern part of the island. Many Japanese tourists visit Guam for its outlet shopping, but the island also has lots of beautiful beaches. Cruise to Apra, Guam to experience both, and much more.
  • Learn about the events that took place in the Pacific Theater during World War II at the Guam Pacific War Museum. 
  • Venture North to Ritidian Point, a beautiful beach devoid of tourists located inside Guam National Wildlife Refuge.
  • Go shopping at the duty-free shops and designer boutiques in Tumon Bay.
  • Umatac is a village that celebrates Magellan’s 1521 landing on the island. Here you can see a church originally built in the 1600s and in the bay is a submerged Japanese fighter plane – a great attraction for divers.