A South America cruise vacation offers a world of exploration that is as spectacular as it is diverse. As you sail past the dramatic coastline you are greeted with exotic ports of call, modern and energetic cities, diverse cultures and abundant wildlife. Settled by historic explorers, cities like Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Lima and Santiago showcase the rich history of South America and its many European roots and cultures. On a South America Cruise you can explore these colorful, modern and exciting South American ports, see their historic sights, sample local cuisines and learn about their varied cultures.

South America boasts some of the worlds most famous and breathtaking destination including Peru's mystical Machu Picchu's ancient ruins, Chile's spectacular fjords, Brazil's Iguazu Falls, the stunning Andes Mountains and even the astonishing Antarctica. Only on a cruise to South America can you take in all of these awe inspiring destinations for a memory that will last a lifetime.