The continent of Europe is like a puzzle waiting to be solved by you. The nearly 50 nations each offer something different, perhaps a wonderful delicacy or an exciting tale of conquering knights and quirky princesses. The continent is divided into many regions. There is Northern Europe where you’ll find Scandinavian countries like Sweden and Denmark, with their rugged natural landscapes and ultra-modern architecture. The Mediterranean encompasses nations like Spain, Italy and Greece. These countries have wonderful traditions from flamenco dancing to the creation of pizza, not to mention the beautiful beaches along the coast line. Western Europe offers travelers some of the cultural highlights of Europe, with cities like Paris, London and Brussels.

Those looking to explore the interior of Europe will enjoy a river cruise on the Rhine or Danube sailing into Central Europe’s capitals like Vienna and Budapest. You can also explore Eastern Europe with sailings visiting the glittering Russian city of St. Petersburg and its famed Hermitage museum. With each trip you’ll assemble another part of the puzzle to get the full picture of this spectacular continent.