A Caribbean cruise feeds the soul and rejuvenates the body. The Caribbean's warm sun, soft beaches and turquoise waters are the perfect prescription for relaxation. Here you can explore the culture and uncover nature's wonder in the beautiful turquoise seas and diverse islands. Find adventure parasailing high above it all or down below, snorkeling or swimming with the dolphins.

Whether you long for tranquility on endless stretches of pristine beach, yearn to explore some of nature's most incredible undersea wonders, or seek adventures high in the mountain rainforests, you'll find it all by taking a relaxing Caribbean cruise.

Your journey will take you to a variety of islands both large and small. Whether you choose the Eastern, Western or Southern region, there’s so much to do and see during your cruise vacation. Sink your toes in white-sand beaches, or traverse lush mountainscapes. Barter in local island markets for one-of-a-kind treasures, or visit historic attractions that give insight on the roots of the intriguing native cultures. Go tubing down a river, dive headfirst into refreshing waters or zip-line through a rainforest.

Caribbean Cruises range from 4 to 30 days on a variety of cruise lines on ships large and small. To find the best cruise deals you can use our Online Search or contact one of our cruise experts to find your perfect Caribbean cruise and take advantage of the many deals, discounts, upgrades, onboard credits and other amenities that are being offered.

All this, and even more when you choose to cruise the Caribbean.

Eastern Caribbean

Picture soft white sand, perfectly clear water and warm trade winds swaying your hammock, you’d be picturing the Eastern islands. The Eastern region is great for cruising year round, and may include stops in the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and the nations of Hispanola.

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Southern Caribbean

Cruise to the Southern region's island paradises which are filled with beautiful beaches, waterfalls, butterfly farms and some of world's best spots for watersports like windsurfing, snorkeling and more. and concerns and replace them with sandy beaches, sunny days and clear, soothing waters.

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Western Caribbean

The Western islands' warm temperatures and colorful sea dwellers make this a great place to relax on the beach, or cool off in the turquoise water. You'll find exotic rainforests, colorful reefs and ancient ruins sharing tons of history from the Aztec and Mayan cultures.

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